We tried to answer on the most popular questions about FeelSender service on this page. If you dont find answer on your question here, please, contact us and and we will answer.
How are postcards printed?
Postcards are printed on the thick, vintage paper using the modern printing equipment. Besides, each postcard is checked for compliance with quality and if necessary reprinted. we are doing everything to provide perfect look of our products.
How fast my postcard will be sent?
We will print and send postcard the same day when you pay for your order.
How long will my postcard take to arrive?
Answering on this questions we have to consider the quality of the postal service in the each country. We can point an average delivery time to the main regions: Europe - 7-10 days Asia - 10-20 days Australia - 20 days USA - 10-20 days
What do I do if my postcard hasnt shown up within one month?
If it happen please let us now and we print and send again the postcard to the same address with no charge.
In what form are the postcard sent?
You postcard will be placed in the envelope from a brown Kraft to avoid the damage during the sending.
Is it necessary to write the return address?
It is not necessary to write the return address. We can write our address because the postcard cannot be sent without it by the international postal rules. However, we advise you to write your return address so the receiver could answer you. It will give more pleasure and happy moments than if you hide it. We don’t use it in any vested interests and dont give to any third.
Is there the quality of the postcard depend from the photo quality?
We print postcards with the size 10*14 cm ( 4*5,5 inches). We recommend you to use photos with pixel size not less than 500*367 for the postcard to avoid the graininess and be saturated.
How can I pay for the order?
We use secure payment system it allows to pay for your postcard using the bank card anywhere in the world.
Which way the postcard is delivered?
The postcard is delivered by traditional postal.
In which countries is it possible to send a postcard?
You can send it almost to any country. You could choose a country from the proposed list.
I dont know the postcode of the receiver/ sender. What should I do?
Dont worry. You can find out the postcode on the websites of Ukrainian, Russian post or on the GEOPOSTCODES website.
If you cannot find the answer on your questions here please contact the support service