We are doing all necessary for satisfying our users. That is why it is important for us to introduce you with our rules and you accept them.

Privacy policy

- In Feelsender we believe that you have the right for inviolability of your private life and your personal data. Therefore, we will use all your entries only to provide paid services, and will not transfer them to others in any way or to use for other purposes.

- We can collect some non-personally private information about your computer (for example, the type of the operating system or browser you use) to improve our service. This information is collected through a variety of services (eg, Google Analitics). This information will not be transferred to anyone and is used only for analytical purposes.

- To Your convenience using Feelsender cookie files will be saved on your computer, which allows the site to work correctly (for example, don’t re-enter the address again in the transition to the next page). In your browser, you can block the preservation of these files, however, we have to warn that in this case, our service will not work correctly.

- Entering personal data on the stage of payment you will be redirected to the service of the payment system with a secure connection. This will ensure maximum inaccessibility of your billing for fraud.

- Were doing our best to preserve your personal information from unauthorized use. We will also improve the security technologies in order that you can trust us more.


- In elements of the card (textual and visual) shall be prohibited: personal insult, inciting ethnic hatred, the use of pornographic materials, materials that push to violence or other violations of law, violation of any copyrights and trademarks, materials which constitute discrimination on any grounds as well as any other material contrary to statutory and customary norms. In any of these cases the card will not be sent.

- Entering your address and card shipping address and other text data that affect the fulfillment of our obligations you confirm their validity. We do not check this data and are not responsible for their correctness.

- If the text data that affect the performance of the obligations entered incorrect intentionally (eg, in the "Name" a numerical value), this card will not be sent because in any case it does not reach the receiver.

- Do not use the service in any other form other than direct purpose - to send postcards to the receiver.

- We are not responsible for the improper work of the postal services. However, if the card has not reached to you within a month, please contact us by e-mail. We will send you the same card one more time free of charge.

- For payment we use the service to perform secure payment This is an international service that you can trust. However, we are not responsible for the accuracy of his work, and you do not compensate the loss associated with it. 

- The real value of the payment may be more than indicated on the website. This is due to the tariffs of banking systems through which you initiate a payment.

- When we send the postcards we monitor their quality. Most likely if you get a low-quality greeting card or postcard with defects, it is caused by the defective operation of postal services. However, if you see in this our fault, please send us a photo by email and its arguments, and we will respond to your request. If this is indeed our fault, we will refund the cost of the service, or send a postcard once again with a good quality.

We do our best to make you be satisfied of our service!